About Us

Our company was established as an individual firm in 1900s in Istanbul. We proudly provide steel wire rope and hardware ever since. The company name changed to Celsan Celik Halat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. in 1983. In addition, we are the Turkey distributor of KISWIRE.

We have a broad inventory of steel wire rope ranging from 1 mm to 90 mm diameters. Furthermore, we have both traditional ropes and special ropes that is high tensile and called “HYROPE”. We also serve in other sectors including Iron and Steel, Port, Construction, Crane, Oil and Mining, Cement, Elevator and Fishing.

We are proud to provide Grade 80, Grade 100, Grade 120 Chain, Chain Accessories, Stainless Steel Rope, PVC Coated Rope, TSE certified Wire Rope Sling, Polyester Webbing Sling and Wire Rope Accessories (Shackle, Clip, Turnbuckle, Hook, Master Link, Thimble, Swivel, Eye Bolt, Lifting Points, Snap Hook) as well as steel wire rope.

The company whıch aims at keeping customer satisfied by bringing quality and safety together with customer , has got TSE EN ISO 9001-2008 and OHSAS 18001-2007 admistrative system certificate.

The company pays attention of advicing choices whıch do not make us embrassed to you in sales period by skilled and experienced engineers. Herewith ıt is aimed at making Çelsan ‘’ your solution partner ‘’.

  • 1910

    First Steps

    The Company was established as a partnership Company in Istanbul

  • 1983

    Operating As Celsan

    The Company has been operating in market since 1983 as Celsan Steel Wire Rope Company.

  • 2005

    Kiswire Dealership

    The Company took firm steps forward by Kiswire-Celsan cooperation in the year of 2005

  • 2010

    Pfeifer Drako Cooperation

    The Company set off on elevator market by cooperating with well known brand Pfeir Drako Coopeartion in the year of 2010.

  • 2012

    JDT Dealership

    Dealership was started with well known german brand JDT in order to serve the market in chain and accessories sector more extensively

  • 2013

    Elaskon Distributorship

    The Company enlarged products ranges by another well-established german brand ELASKON.

  • 2016-2017

    Van Beest ( Green Pin ) and Viper Cooperation

    After cooperation with companies , Distruborship of Van Beest and Viper lubrication were gotten by the Company.

As we are long – established Company ,we have been  meeting  company’s and individual’s requirements  of steel wire rope , chain and accessory for many years by considering quality and safety in various sectors on customer-driven.

It is primarily aimed for us to keep the company  reputation  well –preserved in the market. Afterwards  setting  the bar higher than  one day ago through keeping  customers stasfied and cooperating with further companies whıch is all over the World.

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