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We meet requirements of various sectors whıch are related to steel wire rope  by offering rich type of fiber core , steel core ,flexible, dry,lubricated, galvanized and stainless in large diameter range not only for local market but also for foreign market .

Wide Procurement Capability

As well as supplying steel wire ropes , Celsan meets requirements of vaious lifting  accessories and equipments according to usage sections of steel wire ropes such as Self locking hooks ,Eye hooks with swivel , Omega shackles , U type shackles, Galvanized rigging Screws and Turnbuckles , Wire rope clips, Lifiting chains and Lifting chain accessories , Carabines , Eyebolts , Lifting points , Stainless wire ropes , Stainless shackles etc.

* Fiber Core Steel Wire Ropes
* Steel Core Steel Wire Ropes
* Pvc-Coated Steel Wire Ropes
* Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes
* Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
* Guy Rope And Guardrail ropes (Barrier)
* 8 Strand Polypropylene Ropes
* 8 Strand Breastfast
* 6 Strand Tyrol Ropes
* Fishing Ropes
* Sisal, Nylon, Jutet Ropes
* Leaded, Static Ropes
* Photocophy Machine Rope


* One hand Pressed Slings
* Both hand Pressed Slings
* Three Leg Slings
* Four Leg  Slings
* Poliester Slings
* Poliester endless Slings
*Ratchet Straps
* GR-80 Chain Slings
* Trail Ropes

* Master Links
* Coupling Links
* Chain Hooks
* Shackles for Chains
* Ratchet Load Binders
* Stainless Chains And Acessories
* One Leg Chain Slings With Hook
* Two Legs Chain Slings
* Three Legs Chain Slings
* Four Leg Chain Slings
* Chain Slings With Shortening Clutch


* Eye Hooks
* Swivel Hooks
* Self Locking Hooks
* Dee Shackles
* Bow Shackles
* Bolt Type Shackles
* Green Pin Shackles
* Open And Closed Sockets
* Galvanized Wire Rope Clips
* Male Type And Female Type Eyebolts
* Eyebolts
* Thimbles
* Snap Hooks
* Aluminium Ferrules


* Electrical Crane Wire Ropes
* Monorail Crane Wire Ropes
* Lever Hoists
* Chain Hoists
* Stainless Thimbles
* Stainless Wire Rope Clips
* Stainless Swivel
* Stainless Hooks
* Stainless Chains
* Chrom Steel Wire Ropes
* Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
*Poliester, Webbing Slings
* Whipcheck
* Swab Steel Wire Ropes
* Drilling Ropes
* Tundish Ropes
* Tundish Ropes
* Boom Ropes

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