Suıtable sollutıons are offered to elevator sector being one of the sectors whıch is directly related to people life by experiencies gained for long years.

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Seaport cranes MHC ,SSG( STS ) , RTG are supplied by special steel wire ropes whıch have got high breaking load and lifting accessories.


Stable Cranes , Mobile cranes , Lattice boom crawler cranes, Crawler cranes , Tower cranes ,Overhead cranes ,Portal Cranes ,Overhead travelling cranes, Jib cranes , Monorail Cranes in various sections are supplied by steel wire ropes and lifting accessories.


The Company contributes to fishing sector whıch ıs one of the most common sectors in Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides through supplying trawl rope and seine rope.

Construction Sector

Requirements of the sector being developed day by day in turkısh market is met by supplying both steel wire ropes ( Trolley rope, Tower Crane rope ,Steel wire rope slings etc… ) and lifting accessories (Chain sling, webbing slings, various hooks etc.. )

Oil-Gas and Drilling

Major drilling ropes , Sandline ropes, Spiral ropes , Submersible pump rope , Anchor and Mooring ropes and also other liting accessories are supplied on request in different areas relevant to oprerations of Offshore platform , petrol , gas and water drilling.


The Company has got a supply of steel wire ropes such as Dragline rope ,Marion rope etc… in the sector diveded into two fields called as underground and open mines and cranes such as PH cranes etc…

Iron and Steel

Suıtable sollutıons are offered for steel wire ropes installed on Scrop handling crane ,Casting cranes, Charge Cranes , Ladle Cranes used in iron – steel sector.


Steel wire ropes , spliced steel wire ropes slings and lifting accessories are supplied on request in cement sector.

General Engineering

The Company meets requirements in the field of general and architectural projects by steel wire ropes and other lifting accessories such as wire rope slings , chain slings, webbing slings and hooks


The Company has got a supply of steel wire ropes used in different areas of Automotive Sector and lifting attachments used during manufacturing process.

Marble Sector

On request ,the sector is contributed by marble ropes used in cutting marbles and lifting accessories used for handling marbles to somewhere